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First note that some charcoal grills can also be used as smokers. Also note that all charcoal grills can use either wood or charcoal. One of the nice things about charcoal grills is that they are very affordable. These grills can reach temperatures up to around 700 degrees Fahrenheit fairly easy, and this depends on the type of charcoal used, as well as the amount used.


Charcoal grills are very easy to set up, but they take longer to get started. It takes a few minutes to get the charcoal or wood burning, and then about twenty minutes or so for the grill to get hot enough for cooking.


Charcoal isn’t overly expensive – certainly cheaper than propane. It comes in a wide variety of choices…you can purchase briquettes or lumps; you can pour the charcoal into the pit, or throw the whole bag in and light the bag. Often, charcoal starter fluid is used to get the fire going.


Charcoal grills are harder to clean than gas grills, and the grill grates will need to be replaced at least once a year. But one of the main reasons that people choose this type of grill over gas grills is the natural flavoring that comes from barbequing on a charcoal grill. Many barbeque masters are of the opinion that if it isn’t cooked with charcoal or wood, it isn’t barbeque.

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